Physio Asia Therapy Centre will remain open with our usual operating hours. Clients are assured that all precautions are taken in light of COVID-19 with the regulations placed by the Singapore government and WHO.

Stay safe and please maintain personal hygiene. Keep your water intake and stay active! If feeling unwell, please visit your doctor.

Thank you.

-Physio Asia Therapy Centre


About Physio Asia

Physio Asia Therapy Centre provides comprehensive treatment programs for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Singapore. The Clinic strives to uphold its high service standards, leveraging on the use of the latest technology and non-surgical treatments proven by research to aid its patients to get back to full recovery quickly.

Monika’s strength lies in managing Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Pain Management. She is also involved in the development of SCORES – a spinal core stability program using Achievo Pressure Biofeedback and Real-Time Ultrasound that is presently being used in Physio Asia.
Monika Verma, PT, AHPC registered

Managing Director, Physio Asia

Physio Asia Therapy Centre

Is a proud winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) 2018 for the second time and the only physiotherapy clinic to have received this award.
Singapore Prestige Brand Award


Clients’ testimonials that inspires us to do better.
“Thanks to all of you at Physio Asia Therapy Centre for an excellent Physiotherapy care. With weeks of pain and frustration following a whiplash injury, good I found someone who listens, understands and most importantly, knows how to effectively treat this very bothersome injury. I’m very comfortable and almost pain-free now, post-treatments because of you. I’ve learnt how to manage my posture better and how to avoid the aggravating positions. Exercises I’ve learnt here will surely help me a long way. Thank you very much for your help and understanding.”
- Miss C.

“Sought Physiotherapy treatment with a severe pain my left knee and left side lumbar spine. After approximately 6 sessions, I went back home with a minimal pain. Monika’s treatment was exceptional. Her advice on follow up exercise was precise and clear. The other physiotherapists were also very helpful. I highly recommend Physio Asia Therapy Centre for anyone suffering from arthritis. The atmosphere and staff were extremely friendly and accommodative.”
– Mr. Anthony A. Page, Sri Lanka

“I had pain in the pelvic region with feeling of incomplete evacuation and constipation very frequently during the day. My core muscles had destabilized after the trauma to the pelvic region. The movements of deeper muscles lacked co-ordination.

Exercises were conducted using Bio-feedback and stabilizer to strengthen the core muscles and also for the pelvic floor muscles, which were given some electrical stimulation. Results were excellent. Pelvic pain has disappeared, no more incomplete evacuation.”

– Mr. S.M.



Strives to provide efficient and effective Physiotherapy services while utilizing the latest technology and evidence-based clinical practices.

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Allied Health Professions Council
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