ITB Syndrome and Pain on Outer Thigh

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ITB Syndrome and Pain on Outer Thigh

ITB Syndrome

an overuse injury of the connective tissues located on the outer lateral part of the thigh and knee.


  • pain in the kneewhen running or doing other activities
  • pain after exercise
  • in buttocks
  • and warmth around the knee, especially the outer aspect

Causes :

Poor training habits

  • Spending long periods of time sitting in lotus posture in yoga.
  • Consistently running on a horizontally banked surface on which the downhill leg is bent slightly inward, causing extreme stretching of the band.
  • Inadequate warm-up or cool-down
  • Positioning the feet “toed-in” to an excessive angle when cycling

Abnormalities in lower limb anatomy

  • Highor low arches of the foot
  • Abnormal pelvic tilting
  • Uneven leg length
  • Bowlegsor tightness about the iliotibial band.
  • Muscle imbalance in the lower limb.


  • Initial treatment includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE).
  • Home treatment includes stretching, massage, and use of foam roller.
  • Physiotherapy to evaluate and treat the underlying cause of the problem.
  • Gait analysis may be used to detect imbalances in muscle strength and balance and/or flexibility.
  • Orthotics may be useful if IT band syndromeis due to a gait problem, pelvic tilt, or leg-length discrepancy.

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