Lower Back

Lower backpain is one of the most common problems in our society. Almost every person will have at least one episode of lower back pain at some point in his or her life. See your physiotherapist for help with back pain or stiffness


⦁ Mild pain/ache (with activities) to Sharp catching extreme pain (that limits all mobility) on one side or across the lower back

⦁ Stiff back especially in mornings or after prolonged sitting
⦁ Centralized or one sided pain at the lower back to radiating pain down the leg/legs
⦁ Numbness, pins and needles down the legs – SCIATICA or SPINAL STENOSIS


⦁ Poor Posture from Muscle imbalance or Weakness
⦁ Muscle or ligament strains from a sports injury
⦁ Disc herniation or prolapse
⦁ Arthritis , facet joint wear n tear
⦁ Fractured vertebra , Osteopenia
⦁ Muscle tightness

Physiotherapy at Our Centre

⦁ Education on posture and ergonomics
⦁ Manual therapy and mobilisations
⦁ Personalised stretch and exercise program for pain relief and prevention.
⦁ Decompression therapy targeting disc herniation or prolapsed disc.
⦁ Pain management with cold laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy, short wave diathermy.
⦁ SCORES – Spinal Core Stability Program for muscle strengthening.


Though the back pain may usually go away in 4 to 6 weeks, the deep stabilizing muscles along the spinal vertebrae remains impaired. Clinical research has shown that after back pain, these deep muscles are not activated as much as they should be and the activity of the superficial muscles is often increased affecting the stability between the vertebrae and predisposes re-injury of the back.
⦁ Core Stabilization involves activating the deep lumbar and abdominal muscles. With better core stability, recurrence of back pain is reduced.
⦁ Exercises with the use of REALTIME ULTRASOUND and ACHIEVO CORE STABILITY trainer followed by mat and ball exercises, assist the effective activation of these muscles.
⦁ Please see our SCORES brochure for more information on this.