Home-based Physiotherapy

Provision of Physiotherapy at patient’s own home to help maintain or gain maximum functional capabilities is our HOME-BASED PHYSIOTHERAPY. Physiotherapy care at home is for those with special needs like the elderly or those with chronic illness or recovering from surgery.
We are a team of five skilled professional physiotherapy providers who are committed to delivering the very best services to our clients. Home Physiotherapy involves initial assessments and therapy protocols to address acute conditions as well as more chronic ones.


  • Work togther with the client or the caregivers of the client to assess and decide upon the therapy protocols
  • Help to set short-term and long-term goals depending upon the client’s potential that would benefit them to be independent for their daily activities
  • Focus on improving mobility, balance, strength, and functional limitations
  • Suggesting modifications to adapt with the home environment to meet the needs of the client with physical limitations to improve their safety and mobility at home