Specialized Techniques

A non-invasive treatment aimed at pain reduction, increasing metabolism, increasing the circulation and restoring a normalized muscle tone. It is very effective on tissues/ muscles with trigger point and/or increased tension.

This is a program catered for people suffering from chronic back or neck pain. It includes a range of strengthening and flexibility exercises that each therapist can modify to suit your specific needs to alleviate your pain long term. It involves the use of advanced technology to help with better understanding and visualisation of core muscles during your training to better strengthen the core muscles that contrinute to spinal stability.

A system that provides audio-visual feedback of correct activation of postural muscles when performing specific core exercises and movements to easily identify compensations and better improve and achieve the right posture.

A programme specifically targeted to train weak pelvic floor muscles that can be associated with pelvic pains in both men and women as well as incontinence (leaking). At Physio Asia Therapy Centre, we use Real time Ultrasound imaging and EMG Biofeedback to better facilitate the training of the pelvic floor muscles by providing visual feedback during
the session, making each session more efficient and effective.

This involves the use of sound waves to produce an image of muscles and tissues on the screen while performing specific exercises. It is particularly of value when examining or training the deep Core and pelvic floor muscles, as they are located under the other layers of muscles which are difficult to feel directly.

Dry Needling involves multiple advances of an acupuncture-type needle into the ‘trigger point’ of the muscle. The aim is to achieve a twitch in the muscle, which is associated with reduced

A specialised personal treatment that specifically targets disc herniation/prolapsed disc by using state of the art systems -DOC system from USA and Trac pro V2U from Singapore. Unlike conventional traction machines, our systems can ease the symptoms of spinal disc related issues with comfort. The ability for the systems to go into side flexion and axial rotations allows us to provide a more specialised and specific treatment to the
affected discs.

Hands-on treatment designed to restore muscle tone, power, and range of motion.

An advanced sports training equipment which is used as a part of the strengthening and flexibility routine here at Physio Asia therapy centre to increase the efficacy of each treatment/exercise session.

The revolutionary 3D GAIT LAB system uses multiple cameras and reflective markers to capture live data of each client’s walk and run to produce scientifically accurate results that show a change in biomechanical alignment/weakness that may contribute to an
injury and cause walking or running problems.