Team Work

Strives to provide effcient and effective Physiotherapy services.

Gitanjali Ramesh

Senior Physiotherapist

Registered, B.Sc. Physiotherapy (India)

Gitanjali has over 16 years of professional experience gained across reputed hospitals and clinics. She is well versed in a broad range of therapies like Manual therapy, Electrotherapy and Exercise therapy. Her key focus areas are clinical rehabilitation and pain management. She has skills in the Bio-mechanical aspect of musculoskeletal rehabilitation, including APOS therapy and ICB Orthotics.  Gitanjali is also a FISAF certified Aqua Fitness Therapist. She uses Aqua therapy greatly for strengthening, post-operative rehabilitation, Arthritis management and weight management. Her passion is to her patients by actively engaging with them as also by way of a holistic usage of the above mentioned tools.