Team Work

Strives to provide effcient and effective Physiotherapy services.

Peter Limb

Senior Physiotherapist

B.Sc. Physiotherapy (Australia)

Peter has over 15 years of clinical experience: home-care, and on-site public and private practice in Singapore and Australia. Graduating with a Physiotherapy degree from the University of Sydney in 1999, he has treated a wide range of conditions – from adults to children with pain and mobility impairments as well as office and home-based workers to sports enthusiasts with pain. Peter is a certified practitioner of FMI RockTape, IASTM tools, and Trigger Point Therapy all of which he finds helpful in treating musculoskeletal disorders. His keen interest is in the Shoulder and Spine injuries, and is currently developing other interests in dry needling and electrotherapy. He enjoys learning about his clients and their expectations for their physiotherapy visits and aims to empower them by helping them make informed decisions for their recovery, based on their lifestyle needs. Peter is constantly driven to learn “how to learn” from his clients by listening to them and offering better solutions to their problems. His guiding thoughts on a patient-centric, holistic approach focuses on two things: 1) encouraging the body’s natural healing processes through physiotherapy and wellness, and 2) utilizing the latest technology in physiotherapy, driven by evidence-based science.